This Easter, give your customers what they want… Chicks, Ducks and Marshmallow Eggs
Follow our cut-slab marshmallow recipe and the profits will roll in.

Nukreme (Burke Candy) 12.00 lbs

Gelatin, 225 Bloom 00.60 lbs

Water 750 ml

Vanilla Candirome (Burke Candy) 1.0 oz

Potassium Sorbate (Burke Candy) .50 oz


1. In a double boiler (or using 2 copper kettle), heat 12 lbs of Nukreme to about 100°F.

2. Bloom the gelatin*. (Boil Water, add Gelatin, mix and let sit about 20 minutes)

3. Add gelatin solution to warm Nukreme and mix using a paddle.

4. Add vanilla and potassium sorbate. (Water based Color or Flavor can be added at this stage)

5. Mix constantly for 5 minutes.

6. Pour marshmallow into a frame or sheet pans.

7. Dust with corn starch (both sides).

8. Let set over night.

9. Remove the frames and cut into any shape you desire.


*The ratio of Water to Gelatin can vary depending on marshmallow consistency

– For a firmer marshmallow, add more gelatin.

– For a softer marshmallow, add less gelatin.



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