Perfecto Caramel Trays


5 - 5 lb trays per case =25 lbs

Make your life easy with Burke Perfecto Caramel. We fill our caramel directly from the caramel kettle into a pre weighed half sheet pan. Each pan is weighed to 5 lb.

Flip out of the pan and cut into squares to make Sea Salt Caramels.

Burke Caramel is an old fashion Stand Up Caramel. Does not stick to your teeth, because of the high dairy formula. It is made with Cane Sugar, Butter, Cream, and Corn Syrup.

Great for Caramel Apples, Sea Salt Caramel, Turtles. and Brownies.(Bake Stable).

Also available in Non GMO (Glucose Syrup) and Sugar Free (Maltitol Syrup)

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