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Burke Candy in the News

The quality of Burke Candy hasn't gone unnoticed. Take a look at some of the things that people have been saying about us.

CBS 58 highlighted our Easter candy
From CBS 58: "For three generations, one family in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood has been a big part of filling Easter baskets nationwide. Photojournalist Jeremy Ferris invites us to join in on the Burke family's sweet tradition." Watch the video above to see more!

OnMilwaukee.com wrote about us in an article about Milwaukee candy-makers:
Burke has a small retail store in its facility on North Fratney Street, two blocks south of Capitol Drive and two blocks west of Humboldt. The place where it's all made from scratch -- to the tune of one million pounds annually - is visible through the windows...One sight of the chocolate waterfall cascading down on crackers and pretzels effectively breaks any will power you can muster.
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The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel was so thrilled by our sea salt caramels that they wrote about us in their Featured Food and Cooking section:
Lorena Urena cuts a shiny slab of caramel into squares with a rolling pin of knives at Burke Candy in Milwaukee's Riverwest neighborhood. The sheen is a testament to the high milk-solid content of the mouthwatering, soft caramel that, minutes before, resembled molten lava bubbling in a kettle. Urena will dip each cooled caramel into tempered dark chocolate, then sprinkle it with sea salt... "The caramel recipe is a mix of my grandmother's and Tim's grandfather's recipes," said Julia Burke, who owns the family candy business with her husband, Tim. "The salt brings out the cream in the caramel. It enhances it."

Though it's a year-round flavor, caramel's buttery rich texture and warm, golden glow are especially suited to fall. Think salty-sweet, and you've got the trendiest caramel pairing since the apple: sea salt.
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Riverwest Currents wrote an article about the history and quality of Burke Candy:
You don't need a golden ticket from a Willy Wonka candy bar to gain entry to Riverwest's very own chocolate factory...When you open the door to the shop, you are immediately surrounded by the smell of chocolate. To the right you can see the candy-making part of the business and to the left is the retail store. Inside the store, shelves are packed with chocolate-covered pretzels, English and white chocolate toffee, fudge, pecan and cashew turtles, and truffles...

Visitors should know that the Burkes are very friendly people. One gets the impression that [Tim and Julia Burke] opened the retail part of their business in part so they could interact with the public more than they could with the ingredient manufacturing business.
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